Research help needed!
“I am writing this email on behalf of Lynn Silipigni Connaway of OCLC Research and Marie Radford of Rutgers University. Lynn and Marie are working on the 6th edition of the book, Research Methods in Library and Information Science (formerly titled Basic Research Methods for Librarians), which overviews the research process and key applications of qualitative and quantitative research methods for researchers, students, and practitioners in the field of Library and Information Science. In the book, Lynn and Marie would like to answer questions about the use of quantitative and/or qualitative methods posed by practicing librarians. An example of a question would be, What are the steps that one should take to develop a research question?
If you have any questions about the research process or research methods that you would like answered, please go to and complete the short Google Form.
We also would appreciate it if you would pass along this email to other librarians who might be interested in submitting questions.
Thank you in advance for your help!”