2013 ALISE Service Award: Call for Nominations.

May 28, 2012

ALISE Service Award: Call for Nominations.
The ALISE Service Award Committee is soliciting nominations for this award, to be presented at the 2013 annual conference to be held in Seattle.

A nominee for this award should:

·         Be a current member of ALISE;

·         Demonstrate evidence of regular and sustained service to ALISE through the holding of various offices and positions within the organization or fulfilling specific responsibilities for the organization;

·         Demonstrate participation  in activities which have enhanced the stature, reputation, and overall strength of ALISE;

·         Have represented ALISE to other appropriate organizations, institutions, or governmental agencies.

The nomination package should consist of:

·         A nomination letter describing the way the nominee fulfills the criteria stated above;

·         Appropriate supporting documentation such as letters of support that address the criteria listed above;

·         Evidence that demonstrates how the nominee meets the criteria, such as a CV of the nominee or a description of his/her appropriate activities and contributions.

Nomination packages must be received electronically no later than July 15, 2012.  Attachments in Word are preferred.   
Send nominations to Linda R. Most, Valdosta State:  lrmost@valdosta.edu

Thank you,

Linda R. Most, Committee Chair

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